About Irion & Junker Project Management


Irion & Junker Project Management specialises in supporting cooperative research and development projects. The scope of the national and international projects supervised by Irion & Junker Project Management is very wide-ranging. The project volumes range from 0.5 to 50 million euros, and the consortium sizes range from 2 to over 50 partners. The projects have lasted between 2 and 5 years.

Our services…
… during the proposal phase:

… during the implementation of the project:

  • evaluating project ideas based on their eligibility for funding and providing support in finding appropriate funding programmes;
  • providing support in finding project partners, which is usually a prerequisite for receiving grants;
  • supporting the development of project ideas to ensure a project proposal with good prospects.
  • taking care of the project planning;
  • internal project controlling and reporting;
  • reporting to the sponsor;
  • preparing, implementing and following up cross-partner coordination meetings;
  • reviewing and completing the documentation of the results as required by the sponsor (deliverables, final reports);
  • providing the technical infrastructure for communication (document exchange platforms, email lists, web servers, etc.), and drafting project-specific document templates;
  • providing support for the public relations work on the project.